Customer Testimonial Videos - F & B Franchisee

August 12, 2022

Video Transcript

Please introduce yourself, your position and industry and tell us how you would describe Pryze in 3 words.

Hello, my name is chandra, and I'm the owner of a smoothie king franchise. I started with Pryze about a month ago and I guess uh, three words that I can use to describe prize would be flexible, motivating and modern. Um, I think those are, you know, three good aspects of this program as a way to reward staff. Um most like the flexibility of the program, you can custom create the points and rewards. Um, two different performance measures, you know, whether it be in sales or in uh procedures that are, are needed and important and making sure that they're following them. And with that, I like the way you can praise and reward and recognize good work that's being done. Um And even if the sales and goals and those aspects are being met, uh, could be a good, great motivating tool and hopefully it keeps everyone focused and a little more focused than if they didn't have some of these rewards coming to them, if they knew that they can perform better. Um And I like the fact they can pick their own prizes and their own rewards with all the points that they get to receive, even if it's just money cards. So hopefully it'll keep going really well and it will continue to motivate our team. And um I look forward to this program being um, a big stepping stone and getting our staff happy about being at work

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