Customer Testimonial Videos - Hospitality

August 12, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ashley Rosenbaum, General Manager, SpringHill Suites

Please introduce yourself, your position and industry and tell us how you would describe Pryze in 3 words.

Ashley Rosenbaum: Hello, My name is Ashley Rosenbaum and I work in the hospitality industry. I am the general manager of the Springhill suites, and I would describe Pryze in three words as engaging, rewarding, an employee driven.

How was the onboarding process for you and your employees? (Was it easy?Time-consuming? Extra work for you? Did your employees like it? Etc)

Ashley Rosenbaum: The on boarding experience that we had on property was really great. We had the Pryze team on site to onboard the associates. They handled the entire on boarding process and spent time with each individual helping them to set up their account. It did not add any additional work on to myself or the other leaders on property, which was a big plus um as we already have so much on our plates. Um and it was really great too because they were here at the beginning of the shift and at the end of the shift to kind of follow up with the team and see how their first day went um and just kind of answer any questions and followed with best practices with the team. Super easy, loved it.

Why is Pryze different from other similar products or services or what made you choose Pryze?

Ashley Rosenbaum: Pryze is different and unique from other, um, incentive programs that I've used in the past, which required leadership to do a lot of tracking, um, which could lead to a lot of user air and just all these other different, you know, excuses for why things aren't being done correctly and making sure associates are there, rewards is needed. Um, whereas Pryze, it's completely driven by the associate and using their phone. Um, and I like the added bonus that we can award points to associates for when they do a job above and beyond. But the majority of it day to day is self um, self run, and it's great.

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