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September 01, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ben Kittow

How has ProReach helped you?

We've been very happy with ProReach. They seem to be very, very focused on the area that they're experts in. We wanted to approach a lot of people in the LinkedIn field, which we still consider to be more business related than probably the social media side. And we targeted lots of individuals roles and particularly vertical sectors where we have a common interest. And I'm delighted to say that we've added something like 4000 extra contacts to our corporate account, all of whom are in our industry and that in some way or other. So, it's been an interesting journey and Mike and the team have definitely helped us with the refining of the messages I think as well. And a great knowledge about LinkedIn, which we didn't really have before.

What has it been like working with Mike & the ProReach team?

Mike has been really engaging. He's lent on his own experience with regard to LinkedIn. And it's been really interesting hearing from him what's worked with other people. And that allows us to try and adapt our message to effectively create a really engaging message with our target audience. And certainly our contact rates have proven that to be very, very successful.

Would you recommend PoReach to others and why?

I'm happy to recommend ProReach on the basis that they are good value for money. They seem to know what they're doing, which is great and very useful in terms of guiding us. And also they're very interactive. So watching campaigns, giving suggestions and refining the whole process has been really, really useful and something I wouldn't have done myself. So it's been definitely worth doing. And as I say, we've had a lot more contacts which we hope to make great business out of in the, in the months and years to come. So we're, we're very happy to recommend Mike and his team.

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