Jorge Del-Bosque, PhD for ProReach Video Testimonials

January 30, 2024

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jorge Del-Bosque, PhD, Founder, CEO & CSO, Nanu

How has ProReach helped you?

Jorge Del-Bosque, PhD: ProReach has helped us to book meetings with our ideal customer profiles from companies like Visa, Siemens Microsoft and others We've had more than 20 meetings in the past uh two months. And this has been thanks to ProReach uh linkedin automation platform.

Who did you book meetings with and what benefits does ProReach give you?

Jorge Del-Bosque, PhD: We booked meetings with our ideal customer profiles, including heads managers and leaders of learning and development, learning and corporate training and ProReach Help us since the very beginning to rewrite our original message, outreach message and that helped us to get more interest. They also help us to do a better targeting of the our ideal customer profiles. and take advantage of linkedin Sales Navigator and automate the creation of the campaigns through by using the search in, in linkedin Sales Navigator. Finally, with the tools they have for automating as well and facilitating the booking of the meetings. That's, that's the main help we've got from pro reach.

What's the best thing about ProReach and would you recommend working with Mike and his team?

Jorge Del-Bosque, PhD: I think the best thing about working with ProReach is that you can see, you can tell that they have a genuine interest in uh you to get those meetings and those customers. So that shows at the moment when you are actually when they are explaining you how to use a platform and when they are helping you in, in rewriting your outreach messages. So for that reason, I definitely recommend Pro Reach.

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