Pronto Customer Testimonial: Kevin LaPorte, Attorney at LaPorte Law Firm.

May 26, 2022

Kevin LaPorte, Attorney at LaPorte Law Firm, shares how it’s like working with Pronto and how we helped his law firm solve web marketing issues.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Kevin LaPorte, Lawyer, LaPorte Law Firm

What web marketing issues were you struggling with before you contacted Pronto?

Kevin LaPorte: Before we started with Pronto, we didn't really even know where to begin in terms of web marketing, our own website for a small law firm, we have no marketing or website design background. We're using a lot of different services to try to attract and gain clients, but we weren't sure what was working and what wasn't. We had a bunch of content on our website, but we weren't tracking what people were clicking on or what information potential clients found useful. and we really didn't have any insight into what people are looking for when they're searching the web, looking for our area of legal practice.

What about Pronto’s services did you find most appealing?

Kevin LaPorte: Pronto's web design services have been great so far, they're always timely and fixing anything we want to add to our website. We have, I had to change offices, office locations a couple of times. They are quick to upload new google maps and upload our new address throughout our website and make the changes live right away. You don't really have to worry. once you've submitted a change request to Pronto, you know, it's going to get taken care of. We also use their SEO Services quite a bit and they've been great in helping us understand what search terms people are using what kind of blogs to write, which pages on our website are getting the most traction and where we can, you know, devote our resources. So we've been very, very happy with Pronto services over many years of using Pronto.

In what way has Pronto improved your business?

Kevin LaPorte: Pronto has improved our business by helping us get clients. So our favorite clients are the ones who find us through word of mouth or through Our former clients are second favorite. Our clients who come to us directly through our website. So Pronto has helped us have a professional website that looks good that ranks high in domain authority and we have a good contact us page, a lead, capture page people input just a couple of pieces of information and then within 24 hours they're speaking with an attorney and we can go from there. So we've been very happy with the services of Pronto thus far. They've helped us word our contact us page, helped us strategize to capture more leads and all around. They've been very effective in helping our business thrive.

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