Pronto Customer Testimonial - Elizabeth Brown, Founder of EB Color Consultants

March 31, 2022

Elizabeth Brown, Founder of EB Color Consultants, shared her story of how Pronto helped her business with our web marketing solutions.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Elizabeth Brown, Principal , EB Color Consultants

What web marketing issues were you struggling with before you contacted Pronto?

Elizabeth Brown: Hi, my name is Elizabeth Brown. I am the Principal of EB Color Consultants. We are an architectural color consultancy. Rather successful now, thanks to Pronto. But the first three years of my business, we were not that great. I had no S E O. I didn't really have a good website to display my business and the services that I provide anyhow. My biggest liability was tooting my own horn. It's just not what I like to do. So that's where Pronto stepped in and built me the most beautiful website to showcase my business. It's always easy to edit and add new projects as they come and go and

Elizabeth Brown: beautiful website for me. I get so many compliments from clients that they even tell me. That is why they hired me. It showcases my work in a very professional fashion.

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