Pronto Customer Testimonial - Cohen Barnes, President at Sundog.

August 15, 2022

Cohen Barnes, President at Sundog, shared his story of how does it like working with Pronto and how we helped him solve web marketing issues.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Cohen Barnes, President, Sundog

What web marketing issues were you struggling with before you contacted Pronto?

Cohen Barnes: One of the biggest hassles we had with websites, prior to going to Pronto, and probably was one of the main reasons we ended up going to them, was just the ability to get regular updates to our website done - done quickly and done professionally. And since making the switch, it's been fantastic ever since.

What about Pronto’s services did you find most appealing?

Cohen Barnes: The thing I like most about Pronto service is whenever I need a change done or an update to my website, I just go to the portal. I create a ticket, briefly explain what it is that I'm looking for and hit, submit and usually by the next day, the changes that I wanted were made and they're made perfectly.

In what way has Pronto improved your business?

Cohen Barnes: Pronto has improved our business by giving us a website that is regularly updated, looks absolutely professional and search engine optimized. So this is one more thing that we don't have to worry about so we can go on with highest and best use of doing what it is that Sundog does and not have to worry about the day to day care and feeding of our website.

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