Pronto Customer Testimonial - Alan Crowetz, CEO at InfoStream, Inc.

March 28, 2022

Alan Crowetz, CEO at InfoStream, Inc., shared his thoughts on working with Pronto and how we helped him solve web marketing issues.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Alan Crowetz, CEO, Infostream, Inc.

What web marketing issues were you struggling with before you contacted Pronto?

Alan Crowetz: Before Pronto, we worked with several different website developers and various marketing agencies to work with us. And it never really seemed to pan out. They didn't really get our industry. There was always up charges for everything; extra fees, and it never really seemed to all flow very well together.

What about Pronto’s services did you find most appealing?

Alan Crowetz: There are lots about Pronto that we immediately got excited about: a flat fee for all the requests and changes you want to make, which you would think we'd inundate them with changes, but over the years it's just been so dialed in. It just works flawlessly. We like that and we like that they really seem to get our industry, they get IT and MSP industry. The way they interface with us, the ideas they threw out there, it was just an all-around great situation.

In what way has Pronto improved your business?

Alan Crowetz: Pronto has really just taken away the pain point that we've had. Now, our marketing and our website are just flawless. We pay a flat monthly fee whenever we have a new marketing idea or something we want to implement. It's just super easy and just one less thing to think about, just to have that off the plate so we can think about bigger and more important items is a pretty huge benefit.

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