Dana Canaday for ProNovos client experience

June 14, 2022

Zernco Accounting Manager Dana Canaday shares her 3+ years of experience using ProNovos.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Dana Canaday, Accounting Manager, Zernco

Could you describe a time that ProNovos helped you?

Dana Canaday: ProNovo's helped us with automating our WIP report and getting information from our system into an analytical reports that we could use.

Why did your organization choose ProNovos?

Dana Canaday: Our organization chose ProNovo's over Procore because it was the less expensive option. It also allowed us to reduce a lot of duplicate entry.

What would you tell someone that is looking to use ProNovos?

Dana Canaday: I would tell someone who is looking to use ProNovos that it is a software that is customized for your own personal or business growth and development. And it really allows you to get into some analytics of data without having to export or re create the data from your system.

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