Stephen Robinson ProMindset Video Testimonials

April 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Stephen Robinson

Please introduce yourself and the current football club you play/work for.

Stephen Robinson: Hi, Steven Robinson here at current Saint Mirren football club manager.

How did working with ProMindset help you or your players improve your performances and results?

Stephen Robinson: We used pro mindset. Um when I was manager of Motherwell football club, we had a couple of individuals who lack confidence and couldn't um deal with missing opportunities or not playing well and was generally affecting their performances, um and their personality off the pitch as well. So we, we had pro mindset deal with those individuals which helped immensely. We also used pro mindset as a group. Um at the time when we were going into a really tough run of games and haven't had the wins that we expected. So it was very good, good as a group and, and also as individuals, we feel it helped massively in terms of speaking and, and openly about situations within the game and off the field as well.

What was the biggest improvement you saw/made after working with Promindset?

Stephen Robinson: I think the biggest results we've seen after working on our pro mindset where the the positivity of individuals and, and dealing with certain situations on the pitch, especially that affected them before, whether it be a bad pass or a missed opportunity. You know, they find ways of cope with that and not letting it ruin the next um part of the game and, you know, they remain positive throughout. So I know James had spoke to individuals about different techniques to deal with disappointment and that was probably the biggest advantage that we had out of. It was being able to manage that disappointment and learn how to deal with that and, and move on very quickly.

Did you realize the importance of developing a professional mindset?

Stephen Robinson: I think um as a manager, yes, as a player, probably not. Things like this weren't available to me when during my playing career, um you were meant to be mentally tough on football, you were meant to deal with situations. But um as a manager, I realized how different individuals deal with disappointment, deal with the occasion. Um And after working with James, it was, you know, I could see the difference in, in individuals in terms of the response and not dwelling on the negative too often. So certainly after um become a manager, it's, it's something I believe very strongly about.

What percentage would you assign to mentality/mental performance/mindset in your role as a player/coach

Stephen Robinson: I genuinely believe that the game is, is very much in favor of the mental side of it. You know, most people playing football have a lot of ability, different individuals of, of certain aspects of the game are very good at. But for me mindset and a positive mindset is, is almost everything in football. Now, there's so much negativity with social media, you know, instant criticism, young players read this, their families read it, there's no way to avoid it really unless you completely switch off from it. Um and you have to deal with it and you have to cope with it. And I believe, you know, finding a way to deal with that and a strong mentality is, is absolutely critical for, for every football club and, and every individual, no matter what level they're playing up.

Do you think players work on their mentality enough?

Stephen Robinson: No, not at all. We, we train every other part of our body. Um, a mentality is the one thing that we, we spend very, very little time in doing. And as I stated previously, I believe it's a huge part of football. Now, modern footballers are, are very aware of themselves and very aware of the, the opinions around them. And I think without more work into it, people can become insular and you know, be a shadow of themselves, so to speak on and off the pitch. So I believe it's a, it's an important part of the game that is very much overlooked.

Would you recommend ProMindset to other players/clubs?

Stephen Robinson: I would 100% recommend pro mindset to, to other players as individuals or a collective as a club like I, I used previously at different clubs. Um The, the response we had from the players was very open. You will always get players that are more into it than others. But um away from the the camera, um initially on a, on a zoom call, I know a lot of individuals contact the pro mindset themselves um and I believe still use them. So it's, I have absolutely no problem recommending pro mindset to any professional football club or individual professional player.

Describe your overall experience with ProMindset.

Stephen Robinson: My overall experience with pro mindset was, you know, nothing but positive. Um very enlightening in terms of a lot of the details James give us on the initial call, the Zoom call. It was at that stage with um all the professional players at the football club and, and feedback since from, from certain players and individuals has been fantastic. So um I would 100% recommend pro mindset. I believe it can be a huge benefit to, as I, as I said before, to any professional footballer and any professional team.

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