kellan Hickinson

September 28, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: kellan Hickinson

Please introduce yourself and the current football club you play for.

kellan Hickinson: Hi. Uh, this is, um, Ken Hickson. I had a two year pro at Peter just currently been released and now playing for Sun Town.

How did working on your mentality improve your game? and what was the biggest improvement?

kellan Hickinson: So working on the mental side of the game was huge for me. I feel like the sessions I had with James were very um beneficial. We spoke about in them sessions about how I speak to myself and my inner voice, which is something I've continued in today, which I think is massive. So when I make a mistake how I speak to myself after that, to not let my body language or my attitude go down, instead let it go up.

Did you realise the importance of developing your mentality before you worked with us?

kellan Hickinson: So before talking with James, I never really thought about the mental side. I obviously thought heavily about the physical, the tactical, the technical side, but the mental side never came across and I feel like at football clubs, it's not really a thing. I think it's coming more and more into the game now. Um But when, especially when I was growing up as a kid and especially for my scholar, no one's ever really thought about the mental side of it. Um So it's never really crossed my mind, but I knew that I was struggling with it. So having them sessions with James sort of helped me in a way to progress and push on.

What percentage would you assign to mentality/mindset in your role as a player and have you continued to develop it?

kellan Hickinson: I feel like growing up now and having exposure into men's football, you can really see that the mental side of the game is, is probably one of the biggest things in it. Obviously, you have to be good technically, tactically and, and physically, but the mental side is, I think that's what pushes you on and makes the good professionals into elite professionals. So having that and, and seeing that, I think it's a really massive thing.

Do you think players work on their mentality enough? If no, Why do you think this is?

kellan Hickinson: Um, personally I don't think that people work on their mentality enough, I think, especially coming out of, we didn't have anyone to sort of sit down with and talk about your mentality and your mental state and stuff like that. And I think that's similar for most clubs, that sort of level. Um, so I think I do see people saying at the bigger clubs that they have those people but I think football clubs and people in football should prioritize that over. Uh, most things.

Would you recommend us to other players? and if so WHY?

kellan Hickinson: I would definitely recommend um pro mindset to other players because it was a massive eye opener for me. It's something I'd never really thought about before. Um, but then having those sessions and sort of understanding why it is actually so important to make sure you speak to yourself correctly and go into games and have the right mindset and leading up towards it and treating people with respect to be honest is, um is massive. So, um I would definitely recommend pro mindset to other players.

Describe your overall experience with us?

kellan Hickinson: My overall experience with pro mindset was hugely beneficial. I feel even though now that I'm not at my pro club anymore, Peter, bro, I am still feel like it's taught me to act and live like a professional even though I'm not in that environment anymore. Um So I feel like that definitely will lead me back to the uh being a pro.

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