Herbie Kane ProMindset Video Testimonials

April 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Herbie Kane

Please introduce yourself and the current football club you play/work for.

Herbie Kane: Hello. I'm Herbie King and I play for Barnsley football club.

How did working with ProMindset help you or your players improve your performances and results?

Herbie Kane: Pray mindset helped me become more positive in my work and setting goals and targets that I can reach. When I was at, at the start of the season. I wasn't really enjoying it. Um But working with pro mindset made me change the way I thought about going in every day and getting the best out of my day.

What was the biggest improvement you saw/made after working with Promindset?

Herbie Kane: The biggest improvement I saw in myself was setting goals and trying to achieve them as best I can. This was short goals, medium and long goals and targets. I went on loan to Oxford, which was a positive move for me. And every day I carried the mindset um that I learned to create with pro mindset. This was a good thing and I felt the benefits of it.

Did you realize the importance of developing a professional mindset?

Herbie Kane: I didn't know the benefit and the importance of a pro mindset, but come to realize after doing my sessions, that is a massive thing and can be worked on.

What percentage would you assign to mentality/mental performance/mindset in your role as a player/coach

Herbie Kane: I think it's very important um that you create a positive mindset going into your work. Um This has helped me perform on the pitch um and gain a lot of confidence from this at the start of the season. I wasn't too sure and I wasn't enjoying my time at work. Um but after working with pro mindset and um changing the way I think, um I soon uh turn the negatives into positives. Um And that has benefited me.

Do you think players work on their mentality enough?

Herbie Kane: I don't think there is work on their mindset and um psychological side of, of their self enough. Um, I think this could be improved, um, and it can only be a benefit for, for the players and, and, uh can help each other on and off the pitch.

Would you recommend ProMindset to other players/clubs?

Herbie Kane: I would definitely recommend it to other players. As I seen the benefit myself, I can only be a positive for other players to help each other and understand uh that it can be helped and you can be aware and work on the mental side of the game.

Describe your overall experience with ProMindset.

Herbie Kane: I would describe my experience with mindset as a positive one as I've changed the way I go about my work every day and set targets and goals to achieve. This is something that I could focus on. Um My mindset has changed completely. Um I will definitely be looking forward to doing more sessions um as it can only be a benefit for me and my teammates.

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