Donna-Marie Mironchuk for NICU Awareness Month Stories

September 20, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Donna-Marie Mironchuk, NICU Grad Parent

Donna-Marie Mironchuk: Hello. My name is Donna Marie and my son was in the NICU 23 years ago. He was eight weeks early. So he was born at 32 weeks. So naturally he had all of the problems that a preemie that age would have. He spent a total of a month in the NICU and I have to say that you know, it was a very emotional time and I remember crying every day. But you know in the end I was able to go see him every day and I relied on the NICU nurses. They were wonderful and every day they call me every morning and tell me how he was doing. And that was really, really very comforting. And the best part was when he was no longer uh in an incubator and I could hold him, uh my husband could feed him. And in the end, you know, after a month we took him home. He had very few issues, he does have some health issues and he's a grown man now. He just graduated from college. And in the end everything worked out well. Thank you, bye bye.

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