NICU Awareness Month Stories - Aisha

September 21, 2023

Video Transcript

Who are you honoring this NICU awareness month?

Hi, my name is Aisha and in the month of September. I am honoring my three miracles, two of my kids and one is my granddaughter. It started back in 2009 with my son. When they first diagnosed me with pree. I wound up going in preterm labor with my son, which made me have him through a c section and he came out at 1 lb 14 ounces. He stayed in the for two months and a half until he got better enough to go home. But my story don't stop there I was pregnant and in the midst of my pregnancy. I wound up getting pregnant in the tubes. I lost that baby and ruptured my tubes. I only had one tube left. They told me that I wasn't able to have any more kids. Lo and behold, probably a year later. Here comes my miracle baby. Her name is Miracle. Um, the preeclampsia returned back again and it sent me into early labor with her. I spent three months in the hospital before they determined to take the baby away because the preeclampsia was getting serious and her heart rate kept dropping. I delivered her at 32 weeks. I got admitted in the hospital when I was 24 weeks. The doctor decide not to take the baby at 24 weeks because it wouldn't have been a survivor. So they decide to keep me in the hospital all the way up until I turned 32 weeks. That's when they decide that night to take little miracle that I had, which was April the 22nd of 2017 weighing in at £1 and 13.4 ounces. Yes, she's my, definitely my miracle baby because they told me that I wasn't gonna have anymore. And God blessed that I did have another one and they did tell me that she wasn't gonna make it because she had a lot of issues. But guess what miracle will be six and she's still moving strong. But guess what? My story don't stop there. I wind up having a granddaughter this year, August the 21st 2023. Similar story. My daughter wound up getting pregnant, went to go for her iron infusions. And after she got done her iron infusion, she wound up going into preeclampsia. Her blood pressure went sky high. This was before they even determined that she had preeclampsia. One step. They did her blood pressure, they did some blood work. Then that's when it indicated that she had preeclampsia. She was at 11. That was the highest, the number that they ever seen that somebody with preeclampsia. So they rushed her down to start the magnesium and time went on and she, um, they kept her to with her. But unfortunately, they decide to take the baby because my daughter's situation was getting worse and it wasn't looking good for herself. Far as the baby, the baby was doing good, but not looking good for my daughter. So they wind up making her push out the baby coming out at £2 13.4 ounces. Unfortunately, she's still in the hospital as we speak right now. But guess what? Through God's grace and mercy? She's doing good. So I encourage anyone out there that has a pre and a. Don't be ashamed. Don't give up, stay strong because guess what is a brighter is a brighter end at the end of the tunnel, it's gonna get better and I pray every day that whatever situation you're going through don't give up, be encouraged. Love you.

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