Genesis Santana Diaz for Progress Solutions Video Testimonials

May 25, 2023

Client Testimonial

Video Transcript

Speaker: Genesis Santana Diaz, Satisfied Client

What was life like before working with me?

Genesis Santana Diaz: Before working with you. I felt like I was very lost. Like I had no solutions to my problems. Like I wasn't going anywhere. Like I was stuck in the same dark hole and I just could not get out of it.

How has financial coaching help with your current situation?

Genesis Santana Diaz: Coaching has helped me see things from a different angle. I learned to be more intentional and more mindful of the choices I make and decisions I make and I've learned how to control my finances a little bit better than I did in the past and learn different tips on how to do so.

Genesis Santana Diaz: I am definitely more mindful, intentional and best of all, a little less stressed than I was in the past.

Genesis Santana Diaz: I learned to say no to certain things that I thought I either needed or wanted and in reality that I didn't need it or want it at the same time. And I learned how to just say no and focus on something else versus that thing that I know wasn't going to make a difference or even help me or benefit me in any way, shape or form.

How has your life changed as a result of working with a coach?

Genesis Santana Diaz: As I mentioned before, I'm a little bit more mindful of decision making as to whether it's going to benefit me in the long run or if it's going to bring me down, like I used to be in the past and I always remind myself as to why I started this to begin with and I just don't want to be that person that I used to be in the past anymore.

Was this worth the investment you made? If so, why?

Genesis Santana Diaz: Yes, definitely worth the investment because I've learned things that even though I probably knew I can make those changes, I just didn't have the guidance to do so. And sometimes you just need that little push and I'm that type of person, like, yes, I know I can do it. But having that push of someone that knows and believes in me has made such an impact in me and I's definitely been worth it.

Would you recommend my service to others? If so, why?

Genesis Santana Diaz: Yes. Yes and absolutely. Yes. You are not only doing this because it's what you do for a living. Um, you do this because you genuinely care and you know what it is to be that person that has no way out and you make your clients feel comfortable as I can speak. So for myself, comfortable. Like you're just talking to a friend, um, you're not interested in what this person can bring to me. You're more interested in what that person can learn, um, to carry out those habits and

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