Dan Sieger for Progress Solutions Video Testimonials

July 19, 2023


Video Transcript

Speaker: Dan Sieger

What was life like before you worked with me?

Dan Sieger: So before I started working with Connor, uh, more accurately, before my wife and I started working with Connor, um, finances felt a little out of control. I had just started my own business after 32 years, um, working in the corporate world and getting a steady paycheck every other week and learning how to handle the ups and downs was a real challenge and, and definitely felt out of control.

How did your coaching experience help with your current situation?

Dan Sieger: Working with Connor really opened my eyes to having fiscal discipline and being smarter about where our money was going. Um, and, uh, to really look deeply in the, in the, in the nooks and crannies of everything we had to do all the time to find areas where we could cut.

What are two to three benefits you’ve experienced as a result of working with me?

Dan Sieger: I think there's a lot of benefits that we got from working with Connor. Um, you know, on the very practical side, you know, looking at our, our insurance and coming up with a, with a great bundled program that Connor helped us out with, which made a huge financial difference for us. Um, and just being more aware and less intimidated by money.

What kinds of habits did you learn/break through the coaching process?

Dan Sieger: In terms of habits. Um, you know, tell I'll, I'll take one example, the food side of things, you know, um, when we started looking at our overall spend, seeing how much money we were spending on food each month at supermarkets. And so being smarter and more disciplined and just tracking that, that was, that was a big deal for us.

How has your life changed as a result of working with a coach?

Was this worth the investment you made? If so, why?

Dan Sieger: Yeah, it was definitely worth the investment working with Connor. I mean, just how he helped us with our insurance uh in and of itself was, was, was huge and um uh made a significant uh benefit to our budget each month. So yeah, I I definitely feel like it was worth the investment.

Would you recommend my service to others? If so, why?

Dan Sieger: I would definitely recommend Connor to other people. He's a straight shooter. Um, you can disagree with him, which is something that I liked. Uh, you know, he would listen and we didn't always see eye to eye on things and about ways that I wanted to do things. Um, and he was respectful and heard me out and who knows, maybe I even changed his mind on a few things, but definitely Connor is someone who does this because he cares about it. Not because he's getting paid.

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