Product Operations Summit San Francisco, Karen Pfeifer

August 24, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Karen Pfeifer, SVP, Enterprise Data

Karen Pfeifer: Hello everyone. I'm Karen Pfeifer. I'm an enterprise data executive with over 25 years of experience practicing data leadership for data strategy products and other enterprise, data technology and governance disciplines. I've directed and partnered with data teams at DirecTV, AT&T, Comcast, NBC Universal and until most recently, Hulu, and Disney Streaming.

Karen Pfeifer: What will I be talking about at the upcoming Product Ops Summit? I'll be talking about 'The 4 A's of data product launch', diving into the unique challenges and solutions that have been developed for launching data products within a company. I will talk about what launch framework sets data products apart as world class and valuable, as well as the specific artifacts and processes used by my former Disney, Comcast, and DirecTV teams that made our product launches so successful.

Karen Pfeifer: What is the biggest challenge facing product operations teams today? During my managerial and executive tenure with my prior companies, I found that often the basics of foundations of aligned operational frameworks and processes, data fidelity, semantic concord and reliable documentation are second tier programs at best. I will share about assembling the right resources, amplifying the value proposition and holding ourselves accountable for success and announcing the launch, you will walk away with practical insights and best practices to implement the four A's of data product launch in your own internal data product launches.

Karen Pfeifer: Why is it important that product operations, professionals step away from their day to day jobs to attend events like this one. It's important to step away from your day-to-day activities to attend events such as the Product-Led Alliance Summits. Because product ops professionals should attend events for learning and socializing to foster industry connections, gain fresh perspectives and stay updated on evolving trends. Stepping away from daily tasks allows us to recharge exchange insights and bring back valuable knowledge that can drive efficiency and innovation in our roles.

Karen Pfeifer: What is my number one product operations tip? Define an aligned program for getting your data operational house in order center it on strong operational frameworks and processes, data fidelity semantic concord and reliable documentation. Try to get a Prado principle rule for all of these areas where you are able to focus on 20% of the causes for 80% of the consequences and go for progress over perfectionism.

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