Ryan Goldman - Product Marketing Trailblazers

November 12, 2021

We caught up with Ryan Goldman, VP of Product Marketing at SoundCloud ahead of his session on PMM super strategy and objection handling at the Product Marketing Trailblazers this December 1 & 2.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Ryan Goldman

Ryan Goldman: Hi, I'm Ryan, the VP of Product Marketing at SoundCloud. Previously, I was the VP of Product Marketing at Pendo and let all of marketing at Century and at Signal Effects, which is now part of Splunk. Earlier in my career, I was the Director of Product Marketing at Cloudera. And even earlier than that, I worked in international development for nonprofit organizations, uh, spent a little time as a music journalist and as a founder for a social networking platform for music lovers. I'm excited to be part of the Product Marketing Alliance.

What will you be discussing at the Product Marketing Trailblazers summit?

Ryan Goldman: I'll be speaking at this year's Product Marketing Trailblazers, event about the product marketing, super strategy, understanding problems and objectives even if they're not yours.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Ryan Goldman: The key insight that I want all product marketers attending the PMM Trailblazers event to take away from my talk is how to multiply impact, not just on your project. This is a key insight that anyone at any point in their careers can benefit from, because collaboration is key and understanding the market and the organization's needs is truly where leverage comes from.

Why do you think innovation is important in product marketing?

Ryan Goldman: Innovation is important to product marketing because the market is always changing. Being able to segment the market into different cohorts of users and being able to understand the trends and drives in what delivers value should be. The center of innovation should drive innovation, and only product marketing has that insight to inform the direction of both the product and the company in terms of what's new and what's aligned to the next opportunity, as opposed to just the past opportunity.

Which other talks are you looking forward to at Product Marketing Trailblazers?

Ryan Goldman: I'm really looking forward to Kelly Anderson's doing more with less five assets every product marketer should have and 15 ways you can repurpose them.

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