Abhishek Ratna - Product Marketing Trailblazers

November 30, 2021

We caught up with Abhishek Ratna ahead of his keynote at Product Marketing Trailblazers on marketing to a developer audience.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Abhishek Ratna

What will you be discussing at the Product Marketing Trailblazers summit?

Abhishek Ratna: Hi, have you ever run into challenges marketing to developers? Do you think developer marketing is different from standard marketing? Have you ever heard the fact that developers hate marketing? I have and I have dealt with it for a good part of my marketing career and that's why I'm here to present this keynote that will hopefully make your life a little easier and help you drive breakthrough campaigns with devs. My name is Abhishek Ratna I've been a developer for a part of my career and an engineer by education but I turned to marketing because I love marketing and I've been a marketer for well over a decade. I've marketed everything from video games to APIs to fashion to shoes to develop our products to enterprise software in different capacities. I've had the opportunity of working with and learning from incredible marketers at Facebook, Microsoft, Databricks and Zulily. Right now I lead a team of marketers at Google and I look out for growth marketing strategies as well as product marketing to AI and developers. What I would talk about in my session, are topics that span understanding your developer audiences to best practices in creating campaigns and content for dev audiences. To a framework for building personas, to tools for segmenting your audiences and finally, structures for measuring the impact of your content and campaigns and for optimizing for breakthrough performance. I will also give you a free tool that I built that lets you segment your dev marketing lists way more efficiently than many commercial vendors on the market. It's available for free and you can tweak it or use it as is this and a lot more when we connect and I look forward to chatting with you on Product Marketing Trailblazers.

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