Mark Assini - Product Marketing Summit Toronto

November 23, 2022

We caught up with Mark Assini, Product Marketing Manager at Jobber ahead of his participation at Product Marketing Summit Toronto.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Mark Assini

Mark Assini: Hey everyone my name is Mark Assini, Product Marketing Manager at Jobber.

What will you be discussing at Product Marketing Summit Toronto?

Mark Assini: I'm really excited to be talking about a new go to market and communications prioritization framework that I've been working on. I think for far too long, product marketers have relied on an old framework that over indexes on things like innovation and customer acquisition. I think in today's crowded markets, we need a framework that instead aligns on how important the new feature, update or release is to driving business value as well as customer value because it's where those two things intersect that not only the product marketer, but the customer and the company win.

If you could share one piece of advice to product marketers who are just getting into the industry, what would it be?

Mark Assini: For anybody looking to break into product marketing, my advice is to take advantage of the Product Marketing Alliance as early and as often as you can, not only are there so many incredible resources in a variety of formats, but there's also thousands of members ready and willing to help you succeed. Whether it's a quick Slack call, interview prep or these new opportunities, every member of the community has an interesting story to tell and advice to share.

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