Jose Restrepo - Product Marketing Summit San Francisco

September 02, 2022

We caught up with Jose Restrepo ahead of his participation at the Product Marketing Summit in San Francisco on Sept 7 & 8.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jose Restrepo

Jose Restrepo: Hello my name is Jose Restrepo and I'm the Director of Product Marketing at Unico IDTech.

What will you be discussing at Product Marketing Summit San Francisco?

Jose Restrepo: I will be part of a panel on diversity, equity and inclusion in product marketing teams. This is a topic that's very dear to my heart as I'm a happily married gay latin man and I'm super excited to talk about it.

If you could share one piece of advice to product marketers who are just getting into the industry, what would it be?

Jose Restrepo: If I could share one piece of advice as a new product marketer, it would be to get to know your business, understand your customer's pain points and needs and your product vision and see where those things connect.

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