Roie Gortler - Product Marketing Summit Tel Aviv

March 15, 2023

We caught u with Roie Gortler ahead of his panel discussion on transitioning into the PMM role at the upcoming Product Marketing Summit Tel Aviv.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Roie Gortler

Roie Gortler: Hi, my name is Roy Gortler and I'm a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Beamery.

What will you be discussing at Product Marketing Summit Tel Aviv?

Roie Gortler: I look forward to participating in the first Product Marketing Alliance event in Tel Aviv and discussing with local colleagues a different path and unique experiences that can lead to a career in product marketing. I'm personally passionate about this topic as I know that transition to product marketing can sometimes be challenging. Still I'm also a big believer in leveraging past experiences and skills to pursue your career goals.

What advice would you share with PMMs who are just getting into the industry?

Roie Gortler: One piece of advice I'd like to share with a relatively new product marketers will be to always be curious about the industry trends, about new pain points and opportunities for your personas and customers and about new ways to engage with internal stakeholders.

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