Josh Bradley - Product Marketing Summit London

November 11, 2021

We caught up with Josh Bradley, Marketing Director at Netacea ahead of his session on product positioning at the Product Marketing Summit happening in London on November 26th

Video Transcript

Speaker: Josh Bradley

Josh Bradley : Hi, my name is Josh Bradley. I'm the Marketing Director at Netacea. I'm going to be talking about my own experience running a messaging and positioning project at this year's Product Marketing Summit.

What will you be discussing at the Product Marketing Summit?

Josh Bradley : So at this year's Product Marketing Summit, I'm going to be on stage with James Doman-Pipe where we will be discussing a messaging and positioning project that we ran at Shipamax last year. Um what we will dive into will be kind of what worked well during that process. What the key lessons that we learned from running a well, a positioning and messaging project for me for the first time, James obviously brought in years of experience um and really helped us kind of take that from ideation all the way through to realizing a strong messaging suite for the business to move forward with. We'll talk about all parts of that process, from kickoff, doing team canvassing to selecting basket customers to them doing the kind of research canvas which include a lot of customer interviews and how we then kind of distill that down into the personas and the pains, the gains, the triggers, picking out core themes for messaging and then how we created the messaging map and how that translated into messaging for the for the site. So like I said, it will be about that whole process of what went well, the lessons that we learned and hopefully pass on some real nuggets of information to anyone else that would be in a similar position to myself

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Josh Bradley : Okay. So, so so many lessons learned during the positioning and messaging project that James and I ran at Shipamax But I think if there was one nugget of wisdom that I would like the audience to leave with, if they come and listen to our fireside chat, it will be around getting the involvement of your customers or prospects, making sure that you involve them as heavily and frequently as you can during any positioning or messaging project, getting out there, doing the interviews, getting feedback. Just so important. Not trying to do positioning messaging by assumption. Um, and actually taking a customer-first approach. That's the one lesson that I would like people to leave with and that's what really has stuck with me.

Which other sessions are you looking forward to at the Product Marketing Summit?

Josh Bradley : So loads of really good sessions at this year's Product Marketing Summit two that I'm particularly excited about are the perfecting your positioning and messaging strategy where there's speakers from Farfetch, Depop, Sinch Really interested in hearing more about how other companies have approached positioning and messaging projects in the world of both B2C and B2B and I think like everyone else really looking forward to hearing from April Dunford, you know, I've read her book multiple times and have referenced it on numerous occasions throughout our own positioning and messaging projects. Both at Shipamax and in my current role at Netcea. So really excited for both of those conversations and everything else.

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