Jana Frejova - Product Marketing Summit London

November 12, 2021

We caught up with Jana Frejova, Product Marketing Lead at Spendesk ahead of her session on moving through the funnel as a PMM at the Product Marketing Summit London on November 26th.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jana Frejova

Jana Frejova: Hey everyone, my name is Jana Frejova and I'm Product Marketing Lead at Spendesk, which is a fintech company and I'm based out of France.

What will you be discussing at the Product Marketing Summit?

Jana Frejova: So my session is about moving through the funnel as a product marketer, I think that as product marketers are obsessed with new products and product launches. But actually as the concept of product led-growth is taking over, we have to start learning and focusing more on the customer engagement and upsell part. And I recently had to make that move myself when I moved from a company focused on marketing-led to a company focused on product-led growth, and I'd love to share the insights and learnings I've made and the changes I had to make with how I do things and how I think about things with other product marketers who may be going through similar change or who may be thinking about jumping the ship to a product-led growth company because it's pretty exciting.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Jana Frejova: I'd love the attendees to leave with a really clear idea, uh, in terms of what the differences between being a product marketer for a marketing-led company and being a product marketer for a product-led company. So if they ever want to do, they're not scared to make the jump.

Which other talks are you looking forward to at the Product Marketing Summit?

Jana Frejova: I will definitely not miss April Dunford's session on positioning for two reasons. Reason number one positioning is such a core skill for us product marketers, and I think it's the one that we continuously need to train. And reason number two April Dunford, It's such a big name, especially on positioning, uh, that I just don't want to miss the opportunity of seeing her in real life.

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