Eric Moeller - Product Marketing Summit London

November 08, 2021

We caught up with Eric Moeller, Director of Product Marketing at Sage ahead of his session on collaborating with product management at the Product Marketing Summit happening in London, November 26

Video Transcript

Speaker: Eric Moeller

Eric Moeller: Hi my name is Eric Moeller, I'm a Director of Product Marketing with Sage.

What will you be discussing at the Product Marketing Summit?

Eric Moeller: At the Product Marketing Summit, I'm gonna be talking about the importance of the having a positive interlock between product marketing and product management. And I'll actually be doing that session with one of my colleagues, James Westlake, who's my product management counterpart at Sage.

What nugget of wisdom are you hoping to leave attendees with after your talk?

Eric Moeller: In terms of the nugget of wisdom that I'm hoping attendees will walk away from the session with, it's really to look at how can you work more effectively with your product management counterpart to improve the output of what you co create together your deliverables, their deliveries and the things that you create together. How can you make those even more effective by having a broader view of what you focus on and also by having a broader view of what your product management counterpart focuses on as well. But equally importantly, I hope you also will see that you can actually collaborate with your product management counterparts and have more fun doing what you're doing, be more engaged in what you're doing and enjoy your job more as well and be more effective in how you deliver things for customers.

Which other sessions are you looking forward to at the Product Marketing Summit?

Eric Moeller: Yeah, there are a lot of great sessions that I'm looking forward to at the Product Marketing Summit. The one that I'm probably looking forward to the most, though would be the one entitled perfecting your positioning and messaging strategy. I am a sales copywriting geek. I love sales copywriting and anything to do with positioning and messaging is something I'm always interested in, learning more about in hearing about specific examples, things that have worked, things that haven't, and really lessons that I can take away from those examples.

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