Next Stories - Nimmy Reichenberg

October 03, 2022

Google Cloud Next preview

Video Transcript

Speaker: Nimmy Reichenberg, Head of SecOps PMM, Google

Tell us about your session at Google Cloud Next '22.

Nimmy Reichenberg: Hi, my name is Nimmy Reichenberg and I head security operations product marketing here at Google Cloud. I'd like to invite you to join me for my session and learn how one company was able to scale their security operations, analyze 22x more data, handle three X more security events and slash investigation time by 50% with no additional resources. I'll be chatting with Mike Orosz, the chief information security officer of Vertiv, a leading provider of data center equipment and services. And he's really gonna walk us through the journey of what their security operations challenges were, what they set out to achieve, and the amazing results that they were able to achieve with Chronicle Security Operations. You don't want to miss this one.

Why should infosec and security operations professionals attend Next?

Nimmy Reichenberg: If you're in security operations, you're probably familiar with many of the challenges that security operations teams are faced with. Some of them go back decades. And I'm talking about things like alert overload, the inability to ingest all your data that results in blind spots and potentially miss threats, complexity, manual work. In this session, Mike Orosz, the CISO of Veritv, is really gonna share with you how they were able to leverage security operations to alleviate many of those challenges and really transform their security operations practice.

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