Arnaud Loos for Security Summit

May 06, 2022

To stay secure in today’s growing threat landscape, organizations must detect and respond to cyber threats efficiently.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Arnaud Loos, Customer Engineer, Google Cloud

We hear you're co-presenting a cool demo at the summit. Tell us about it!

Arnaud Loos: Hi everyone. My name is Arnaud. I'm a customer engineer, part of the Google Cloud security team. At the Security Summit this year, I'm going to be talking about Chronicle and Siemplify SOAR, as best-in- class SIEM and SOAR working together. Come check it out.

Make your elevator pitch for attending summit.

Arnaud Loos: SecOps professionals should really attend this year's summit to not only listen to Google's vision regarding modern security operations, but also seen in action.

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