Suat Ozsoy for Masters of Product Marketing

October 04, 2022

We caught up with Suat Ozsoy ahead of panel discussion at Masters of Product Marketing.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Suat Ozsoy

Suat Ozsoy: My name is Suat Ozsoy I am Business Unit Director at Epson Europe.

What will you be discussing at Masters of Product Marketing?

Suat Ozsoy: I will be part of the panel to discuss about the growing your career in the product marketing will share some insights from my own career, as well as what I see in the market, that it can help you for your future career development in the field.

If you could share one piece of advice to product marketers who are just getting into the industry, what would it be?

Suat Ozsoy: I would recommend all the product marketeers to understand their customer and the business model that they would like to address that customer needs and start thinking about what sort of story that is going to be shared with that customer, including product and services. To do that I believe that key point will be really going out there and communicating with the end customers, pretty much every day to learn their pain points.

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