Rowan Noronha on Why Attend #SurviveThrive Live 2020

May 14, 2020

Join us at #SurviveThrive Live 2020 to learn actionable tips from the product marketing world's greatest minds.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Rowan Noronha, VP Product Marketing & Revenue Enablement, Zix | AppRiver

What's in it for product marketers?

Rowan Noronha: Hi, this is Rowan from the Product Marketing Community. I much like yourselves am a product marketer. Every day, my team and I at a high-growth cybersecurity company work on three things. We understand the markets that we choose to play in. We develop strategic narratives to win in said markets, and we enable all the stakeholders within our revenue engine. This job is not for the faint of heart Product marketers need to be architects of growth for their organization versus a cost center. It's a discipline. It is the reason I started the Product Marking Community four and a half years ago. To empower you and I to be architects of growth for our company and to further the discipline that is product marketing. For the first time in 4.5 years, we're producing and online virtual Summit to help us during these trying times, our companies are looking to us to lead the way they're looking to us with strong interlocks that we have upstream with product management and downstream with sales and marketing to make sense of the markets to recalibrate our go to market, to recalibrate and new ones. The messaging of the narrator's as our buyers deciding journey and their circumstances have changed. Join us. June 4th 5th we put together a fabulous group of speakers who are going to shed insights on how better to understand the market that you play in how better to understand and crush your competitors, how better to understand and serve your buyers. How to create the right message, the right narrative and consequently, the right content to help your organization achieve their acquisition and retention goals. And finally, we have speakers. We're gonna help. You better understand how to enable not your sales, customer success, the demand generation teams, your channel marketing teams and your influencers, such as the analysts that work in your space. Join us. June 4th 5th is my absolute pleasure to bring together these folks and you so we can learn together how to be architects of growth.

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