Tirrah Switzer for Product Marketing Community Video Testimonials

July 27, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Tirrah Switzer, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Community Brands

What are some win-loss best practices?

Tirrah Switzer: three of my favorite win. Lost best practices are first involve other departments in your interview prep We make sure to include sales and demand gen in every round of win loss interviews that we do add a minimum. Make sure that sales is part of the process. You want to make sure that they help you develop the list of who you're going to interview. Who are we reaching out to? Who are we not reaching out to? What interview questions are we going to ask and which interview questions are most important that we want to make sure that we have an answer to no matter what. 2nd socialize and share your results. Make your results go viral across your organization. You want to make sure that you're sharing the results. Not only with sales and leadership, but demand gen your product team implementation, customer support, customer success, Digital marketing. Everyone will gain insights from the interviews so share them wide and far. And lastly make sure to develop actionable plans from the data that you receive, whether you're just looking within your crm or you're actually interviewing clients. What are you changing? What are you updating? What are you stop doing? Don't just leave the data on the table, make sure to have actionable outcomes of what you're doing next

How do you impact win rate with win-loss analysis?

Tirrah Switzer: How does that impact win rate with win loss analysis? Well I think where you can really impact your win rate with win loss analysis is by taking it a step further than just the raw data in your crm. Do interviews, interview your wins, your losses and do interviews that provide unbiased feedback that will provide you with the real root cause of wins and losses. That data is where you can drive product sales, marketing and even services strategy helping you to win more business. You really impact the win rate by having win loss as a team sport. It's not just about sales, it's about every aspect of the business, having information from those win loss interviews to drive their strategy.

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