Sangram for Product Marketing Community

August 10, 2023

Video Transcript

Speaker: Sangram

Please introduce yourself.

Sangram: Here, co-founder CEO of go to market partners, husband and father of two kids.

How do you know GTM is broken?

Sangram: Do you ever say, oh, our ch is killing our business or we are having heroic sales process or maybe there's no alignment in it. Uh Maybe we need to go up market. Maybe we need to spend more money in marketing or take money off and give it to sales and hire more sales people. Maybe we need to go PLG oh, what about community led? If you're talking about all of those things, guess what? Your go to market is broken and you're trying to fix it. And that's very important to know what the root cause is to start with identifying where the problem is. And remember you don't have a marketing problem or a sales problem or a customer success problem or a product problem. What you have is a good market problem.

How do you know which SaaS valley of death you are in?

Sangram: There are actually more than one SAS values of death you think about, you can create a great product but you can market it. Well, that's the value of death or you can market it. Your market is so awesome. Everybody knows about you, but you can't sell it because the pricing packaging may not be right. That's another value of that. Maybe you can sell it but you can't deliver it. Ever heard where he said, well, you sounded too good to be true. And now I found that the product features really is not there or maybe maybe you deliver it but you can't renew it. Ever heard that. Oh, we love you, but we can't renew because I can't show Roy to my boss. Maybe you can renew but can expand. Ever heard that. Well, you know, I like what you have. I just, this is all I want. I I don't want anything else from you. So, so this is where you're stuck. So those are the five valleys of death and you have to find out which value of death you're in. And if you have multiple products, you may be in multiple valleys of death and it's ongoing. So you have to figure out which value of death you're in.

What are the top 3 recommendations on GTM?

Sangram: Number one recommendation, make generative A I part of your good market strategy for efficient growth. Now, you have an answer of how do I create efficient growth, generative A I can fundamentally change the way you think about this to make that this number one priority. Number two, you have to reinvest in building brand and demand 2.5 years, you haven't done that. It's time to put money towards brand and demand. We're seeing data that's showing that that's actually gonna drive revenue in the next few quarters. And number three and probably the most important one which is get clear on Roy, how your customers see Ro I is gonna be so important for them, not only to buy you but renew with you or even expand with you. That's my top three.

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