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March 24, 2022

Video Transcript

Prospects are seeking relevant, targeted content (e.g. same industry, use-case, size, etc). How do PMMs create targeted content at scale?

mhm. How do product marketers create targeted content at scale? Um Yeah, this is a tricky one that's that's gotten tougher over the years. I mean back in the day, we know we have the technology to do much targeting. So you just sent the same email that everyone would call it a day. But now with the advent maturation of marketing, automation technologies, segmentation, personalization tools, account based marketing technologies, you can get, you know, very, very specific, you know, with your campaign tracks and content offerings. For instance, like I know this person visit their website X times and they're in healthcare vertical and they're this persona. So you could in theory, you know, deliver something really, really targeted if you had the content to match it. But you know, that's that's a tough problem if you're trying to sell to Yeah, eight different verticals across three trios into four personas. Like, you know, that's that's a lot of unique types of very specific content that you would need. So how do you do that at scale And you can obviously throw bodies at it. But like that gets very resource intensive and, and cost prohibitive pretty quickly. So you have to find ways to leverage both automation and template ization but also, you know, you need a lot of data to then slice and dice and chop up into different ways. The good news is, you know, most software companies nowadays they have Yeah, hundreds to thousands of customers and users and there's really cool stories kind of buried, you know, throughout the user base, but you need a way to uncover it because you wouldn't, you know, if you just talk one on one with customers and you know, you're not going to know some of these really cool stories exist. So I think having a way to canvas, you know, at scale in a one to many way is a great way to kind of uncover these stories and a lot of them, you know, particularly with a larger customer base. I think the second part is, you know, leveraging, kind of template ization and modular content. Once you have a good source of data and stories chop that up into really, you know, basically variants of content very quickly. So for instance, like if you have a data set about your customer satisfaction, being able to slice down into the area, here's average customer satisfaction and health care, average customer satisfaction and finance, but it's all basically the same template. So you're not, you know, creating everything from scratch. Um that that's a huge efficiency game. Um, so, you know, that leveraging kind of the same content creation techniques and getting that kind of economies of scale by making it specific to the segment that you're trying to sell to, but still within a consistent structure where it's not, you know, necessarily totally net new novel creative effort that you have to put in that can get you a ton of content really quickly

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