Paul Biggs for Product Marketing Community

May 06, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Paul Biggs, Director of Product Marketing, Contentful

What are the biggest obstacles for messaging consistency in your company?

Paul Biggs: Hi, I'm paul Biggs, I run the european product marketing team here at Content Full where we're disrupting the dusty old content management space. Now, the first question is, what are the biggest obstacles to messaging consistency right now? I'd say it's our growth. Content full has been growing like mad when I started a few years ago there were 100 people and now they're over 800. We're always adding new team members. Even completely new teams and functions and all of them need to have a consistent message to the market. For example, we recently hired a growth team that's doubling down and developer acquisition on boarding. So one of my team members had to go create a specific messaging and positioning framework, or MPF, That that team and his collaborators across marketing, product customer experience uh and beyond. Had to use. And that framework had to ladder down from our existing overarching platform messaging and be distributed to all the stakeholders.

What are your biggest challenges with messaging overall? Managing it? Writing it? Communicating it? Other?

Paul Biggs: Mhm. So what are my biggest challenges with messaging overall? And I'd say it's managing all of those stakeholders, I just mentioned so far, we haven't anointed one team member on product marketing to be the messaging leader or the messaging maven, or messaging maestro as we call them. And they orchestrate the updates and guide the broader teams through all these messaging changes. That person has moved us from a giant 20 page Google Doc where the latest framework was born to a messaging management tool called GrokSpark It's pretty slick. Uh now the challenge is getting everyone bought into it and trained up so we can make sure that they're all getting the most out of it. The biggest advantage once that's up and running is that we will have um that all these changes will be more of a self service process. There's just so many requests right now for how to say different things or position different web pages or webinars etcetera. Obviously it will never totally be self service, but combining a tool like this, we can manage it all in one place with our onboarding process means that at least people will be getting the latest and greatest when they start and then have familiarity with the tool as product marketing, advises them on that new campaign or new content that they're working on

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