Jen Doyle (DoubleCheck)

April 06, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jen Doyle, Research Director, DoubleCheck

How do you qualify interview targets for your win/loss program?

Jen Doyle: So you've designed your win loss program and you're ready to start qualifying targets for your list to recruit for interviews. This is a great place to be in. Um So what you want to think about first is how many interviews you actually want to be conducting? Hopefully by this time you've already thought a little bit about what research cohorts you want to identify and evaluate during your win loss program. So these might be things like company size deal size um specific product line that was evaluated perhaps location. And you want to see you know how these different cohorts might compare to each other in your win loss analysis, ideally you want to look for about 10 interviews per cohort. And so once you identify how many interviews you want to get, you probably want to select 4-5 times the number of leads to reach out to to recruit for your interviews. Um So when you're thinking about these leads, there's a few qualifications that they should probably meet. So one thing to think about is recency of the evaluation of course the more recent that they've evaluated you the better their memory recollection will be in terms of things they liked or didn't like about your product and your sales process etcetera. So think about recency of the deal. Um Also outcome you're gonna want to know if it was a win or a loss, you're gonna want to validate that this was an opportunity that was shortlisted, evaluated de mode. Um So you want to make sure that this lead went through the buying process with you not just quickly looked at you and ruled you out quickly for whatever reason. Um You want late stage deals for that reason. Um Also a great criteria to look for is if it's a competitive deal. So looking at leeds who have evaluated your competitors is always very important in the win loss program. Um You want to be able to ask some questions about what they liked and what they didn't like about the competitors and how your product stood out and where there may be any gaps between your product and those competitors as, wow. Okay, so once you've thought about those things you can go ahead and start reaching out and some best practices to think about as you build these lists, um you're gonna want to really partner with your sales team because your sales team is going to know probably right off hand good recent wins and losses that you can include in your list. Um Your sales team can also help you reach out to the property prospects in order to recruit them for the interviews themselves. So, definitely partner with your sales team to help talk about this list and also focus on those competitive advanced stage deals and then go ahead and select your interview targets based on the knowledge of the decision process. So once you think about all those things you'll be ready to start recruiting and begin launching your win loss program and begin interviewing

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