Jason Oakley for Product Marketing Community Video Testimonials #2

May 04, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Jason Oakley, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Klue

Do you build your PMM team out by function, product, industry, or using other factors?

Jason Oakley: at clue for us, We've built out the product marketing team by function, so we have a small team, but we reach focused on specific areas or disciplines within product marketing. Um and each of us covering a few different kind of core pieces at the same time, there's a lot of overlap, so we are a small team, so there's a lot of collaboration, there's a lot of people kind of jumping in together to to really kind of dig into one specific project. And then, and then there's sometimes when we're working on very kind of specific projects unique to our core function separately in the past and other companies. I've worked with product marketing teams that were structured by product line or persona, for example, and I think that works well when you have a company that has multiple different product lines, especially if each product line is sold to a unique persona, right? So then it helps to have a product marketer who is kind of an expert in that particular persona, in that particular solution and um and but when you're at a company that has, say one core product and selling to one or two, kind of primary buyer personas, um I like the idea of of working with a product marketing team that has a different kind of team members, different players that all have different specialties or areas that they're specifically looking for or looking out for and responsible for and then um like I said, being able to come together and focus on very specific key projects or roll out two releases or or anything like that. But um. But yeah, I think that at least that clue, like what the way we've structured our product marketing team is is really allowing us to have people who are responsible for specifically for releases, while some that are responsible specifically for customer marketing, or some for competitive enablement, and so allows people to specialize and be an expert in their in their area.

How can you use a Seller Confidence Score to quantitatively assess your product marketing success?

Jason Oakley: mhm. Product marketing is one of those functions that's just traditionally hard to measure. So it's hard to find a metric that that allow you to show the impact that you're having on revenue for example. But seller confidence score is actually a great metric. If you can start to to measure or survey your sales team regularly to say you're doing it quarterly is probably, you know, as frequent as you want to do it. Um you can start to not only know that, you know, specific questions in your survey to be able to identify areas or even feedback on your your enablement program, but you can also start to to look at the trends over time and know and be able to point to the work that we're doing has helped us increase seller confidence from this date to this date based on all of these projects. So it's um that is definitely one way it's a product market where you can quantify obliquely point to a metric that says, hey, this is the impact of the work that we're doing. Another one is definitely win rate specifically to competitive win rate as a product marketer. If you're responsible for competitive enablement, then you can start to look at your competitive win rate as a metric that you have a lot of impact over. In fact, it's one of the key metrics to I think a product marketing team should own is your competitive win rate. And so especially if you're using a platform that allows you to attribute and look at adoption of your competitive content and then attribute that to also a competitive win rate. To be able to know that those that are using content or seeing a higher win rate or performing better. Again, that just gives product marketing another metric that they can point to. That says the work that we're doing to stay on top of competitors and create good competitive content is actually impacting revenue. So I think of product marketing teams, we still need to get creative and start to look for some of these metrics that we can really point to and own. And I think something like competitive win rate, seller confidence, these are great metrics for for any product marketing team.

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