Emilia Korczynska for Product Marketing Community

February 07, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Emilia Korczynska, Head of Marketing, Userpilot

How do you define the role and responsibility of product marketing?

Emilia Korczynska: Hi folks, Amelia from user pilot here. So first of all, how do you find that define the role and responsibility of product marketing? Well, this was something that I was really researching last year and I talked to about 2000 of um product marketers and I realized that depending on how product lead your company is the role false mainly before the sign up. So like pre sign up activities like creating sales, enablement documents and landing pages, basically product lead content marketing. Right? Creating, for instance, landing pages with product comparisons for google ads. Right. PDFs possibly creating a product documentation together with the product team. Right? So in a sense, the activities of product marketer are not that different from a regular marketer only that they need to be more familiar with the product and liaise more with the product. However, in a lot of product lead companies these days, the product marketers are also responsible for creating content post sign up. So, um for instance, creating enough messaging for onboarding, creating onboarding flows with code free tools such as user pilot or pen does barbecues, you name it, um creating GTM strategy together with the product manager and well, mostly implementing the GTM strategy for new features. So, again, creating enough experiences for the new feature, writing emails, um, feature announcements, um, all that, all that stuff related to basically go to market strategy for any major product launches. So, in a sense, they are more responsible for metrics such as activation and retention on top of just acquisition

Beyond new logo acquisition, how do you measure product marketing's contribution to customer renewal and expansion?

Emilia Korczynska: beyond your logo acquisition? How do you measure product marketing's contribution to customer renewal and expansion? Right. So as I mentioned in my previous response, I believe product marketing managers should be responsible not only for what happens pre sign up, but also for marketing the product to the user's post sign up inside the product. That would be even more intuitive because after all, they are called pride marketing managers. Um, so in that case they should be responsible for not only acquisition but also activation of the new users. They should be partly responsible for the trial to paid conversions. And to some extent they should also share the responsibility for retention together with customer success team. And because after all they, for instance, take her of secondary onboarding while helping the users adopt um, more advanced features. Right? So, um, I would say if a team is big enough to be able to afford to have a product marketing manager, they should use them um, for this because product managers usually don't have time to really work on improving product that option and featured option, which then translates into higher retention. So yeah, product adoption and feature adoption come to think about it could also be partly responsibility of the product marketing manager If the project manager is not ultimately working on that actively

What metrics should you use to evaluate and improve product marketing's performance?

Emilia Korczynska: What metrics should use to evaluate improved product marketing performance. So, as I mentioned before, I think user activation is a really good metric to measure product marketing performance against, um because if it's not the customer success or the product team that are responsible for onboarding, it will usually be the product marketer. Um, so obviously the outcome of successful user onboarding is user activation on later stages of the user journey. It will be also product adoption, feature engagement. So these are also good metrics if the product manager, product marketing manager is responsible for um, enough experiences.

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