Bruce Kasrel for Product Marketing Community Video Testimonials

April 26, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bruce Kasrel, VP, DoubleCheck Research

How do you get sales engaged to run a successful win/loss program?

Bruce Kasrel: Hi Bruce from double check here and I want to talk about ways to get sales engaged to have a really successful win loss program. I feel like there's three keys to success in engaging sales. First is engaging early. 2nd is gauging often and ongoing. And third is removing judgment. So let's talk about those three pieces early engagement with a win loss program. Don't just surprise sales reps with, hey, I need, I need your help in getting a lead for a particular win loss program. Have them be involved early on, reach out to sales before the program starts, Let them know what we're trying to do, let them know that they can participate. Let them know they can even nominate something for the program so that they feel engaged early on and it's not feeling like an ask. It's feeling like they're part of the program. 2nd is that ongoing engagement when you're running a program, don't wait till the end to send insights to sales slack out. Hey, here's a new report with a really interesting insight about a particular product or a program or competitor that would be really, really important for sales to see and have that be an ongoing part of your on win loss program. And the final piece and what I said was removed judgment. This is an important one because when loss programs aren't necessarily about that particular win and that loss, it's really about an aggregate. So you want sales to feel like, hey, we're not going to judge this particular deal in your, what happened in that particular deal for you. We want to see have insights that can be applied across all deals. So removing that judgment, removing that act of saying, hey, we're going to look at this particular deal on a deal by deal basis is really important to get sales excited and engaged. Thank you.

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