Megan Heuer - What is a Marchitect?

November 11, 2020

Video Transcript

Speakers: Megan, Co-editor & Content Chief, PMC & Principal, HeuerB2B. Megan Heuer, Co-editor & Content Chief, PMC & Principal, HeuerB2B

Please introduce yourself on behalf of the Product Marketing Community

Megan Heuer: Hi, I'm Meghan Huer Principle of humor be to be an independent marketing consulting firm and I am excited to volunteer as editor in chief of the product marketing community because

What is a Marchitect?

Megan: To understand what, a marchitect is you first want to think about: Well, what is an architect? And when I think about what an architect does, I think about what they're doing. When they're designing a space, they are balancing a vision for what the building can be with the constraints and the character of the place that they're building it and the needs of the people who are going to be using that building. That means an architect has to combine their imagination what they could dream with the practical and technical know how off what is going to take to actually deliver that dream in a responsible way. In that way, architecture is kind of the ultimate combination of soaring inspiration with skillful execution. Marchitects share exactly these qualities and exactly these challenges.

Why do architects matter so much in B2B right now?

Megan: So why do marchitects matter so much to B2B today? Well, it really comes down to the fact that great product marketing leaders are really builders who start with the design for how their customers are going to be able to make the leap from whatever it is they're doing today. Their current reality to something new. Marchitects really need to understand their customers, their markets, the context they're in then they have to be able to deliver. The resource is that will inspire both sellers and buyers to take some kind of action. They use the tools of the go to market functions of sales, marketing and customer success more and more, that's a really critical one to build that supportive foundation for business growth and for customer value. I believe that in the next decade of B2B marketing, the evolution of all of these revenue functions is going to be driven by those marketing leaders who really understand and embrace that role of the market. Checked the builder as the revenue teams really best advantage in our increasingly digital customer driven world.

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