The Marchitect

November 17, 2020

Introducing the marchitect - and the key role these product marketing leaders have to play in b2b organizations.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Muneyb Minhazuddin, VP Solutions and Product Marketing, VMware. Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP Marketing, Hubspot. Megan, Co-editor & Content Chief, PMC & Principal, HeuerB2B

Megan: To understand what, a marchitect is, you first want to think about: Well, what is an architect? And when I think about what an architect does, I think about what they're doing. When they're designing a space, they are balancing a vision for what the building can be with the constraints and the character of the place that they're building it and the needs of the people who are going to be using that building. That means an architect has to combine their imagination what they could dream with the practical and technical know how off what is going to take to actually deliver that dream in a responsible way. In that way, architecture is kind of the ultimate combination off soaring inspiration with skillful execution. Marchitects share exactly these qualities and exactly these challenges.

Meghan Keaney Anderson: So what are the five imperatives for a marchitect? Well, let's start with Build. The product marking leader must manage and measure the product marketing function. The PMM leader shapes the direction, ensures proper resourcing and aligns their budget requirements to corporate objectives and the chief marketing officers goals after build. Next up is Target. The product marketing leader must focus their organizations target efforts. This includes undertaking and overseeing a continuous assessment definition and communication of market research, customer segmentation, ideal customer profiles, competitive intelligence buyer personas and route to market strategy. Next is the Go To Market. This is my favorite stuff. Product Marketers must collaborate with their product, marketing, and sales leaders to define and drive their go to market strategy, product market fit, positioning, pricing and packaging, messaging, content against the buyers deciding journey and enabling the revenue engine. And then, Orchestrate. The product marketing leader must orchestrate the revenue engine to drive new product introductions and launches. And finally, very exciting area Product Led Growth. The product marketing leader must understand when and how to utilize the end user centric strategy of product led growth as a lever to acquire, expand and retain customers.

Muneyb Minhazuddin: Product marketing is in such an interesting place to be where you can be the architect of growth for your organization. You are in such a strategic position that you can provide feedback to your chief product officer for requirements from the from the marketplace. You can be a powerful ally to your chief revenue officer. Because you can actually build out a go to market through revenue streams, all routes to market by amplifying that and you can literally you are acting as the chief marketing officer for for the portfolio your own responsible for by driving amplification through customers and in the media and through analysts and all your external outbound activity that you're doing to in such a strategic position to drive growth and actually architected for both, thought leadership awareness to demand generation to actually sales acceleration, and then putting the whole cycle back into, development for new capabilities and driving that again.

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