GTM Strategy

November 17, 2020

Sheevaun Thatcher of RingCentral, Janice Le of Helpshift, Ruth Zive of Ada Support on the importance of GTM on positioning, messaging, strategic narrative, and content across the buyer’s journey.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Sheevaun Thatcher, Global Learning and Enablement Leader, RingCentral. Janice Le, Chief Market & Product Officer, Helpshift. Ruth Zive, Head of Marketing, Ada

Janice Le: I like to think about a blue ocean as basically a new market that needs to get created. When there is a new market typically there isn't a clear, pre existing known need for your product. There aren't actually competitors in the market. The only competition you have is DIY. And what you have to do in a blue ocean is spend probably a disproportionate amount of your time and budget educating the market that there is a different approach, a different solution for the problem that they believe they have.

Ruth Zive: Messaging and positioning. Product marketing really needs to underscore that key value proposition of your product, and it should be bold. It should be differentiated, and it should be crystal clear. Product marketing should also, if they don't own it, they should be very intimately involved in pricing and packaging, thoughtful and strategic pricing and packaging. When you bring new product market, it's super critical. And product marketing can really help ensure that you're not leaving money on the table. And then, lastly, is enablement. Does marketing, do the BDRs, sales reps, CX reps - really understand the value of the product that you're bringing to market?

Sheevaun Thatcher: You need to make its succinct, and you need to make it clear, and you need to make it powerful. And that's why, from a sales enablement perspective, we work very closely with product marketing so that we can help them with that. To make sure that as a conduit between marketing and sales as that conduit, we can make sure the message is clear. We can make sure that the message gets delivered appropriately and we can make sure that the message actually aligns with the company's go to market.

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