Understanding the Role of Product Marketing

February 03, 2022

Video Transcript

Speakers: Daniel Kuperman, Atlassian

How do you define the role and responsibility of product marketing?

Daniel Kuperman: Hi I'm Daniel Kuperman and I spent most of my career in product marketing, working at startups of all stages including pre-IPO Post-IPO And now I'm a product marketing leader at Atlassian responsibility of product marketing as being the stewards of the customer and the owners of the go-to-market plan for the company. So this means that we have a responsibility to put the customer first in everything that we do and also to put ourselves in the shoes of the customer when creating content, brainstorming campaigns, attending meetings etcetera. Now when I say that product marketing owns the go-to-market plan, that also means being able to collaborate across all of the different teams, sales marketing, product sources and to be the driver for alignment and also the execution of the plan including all of its components being product launches, sales, enablement, customer marketing etcetera. It's a very broad definition but that encompasses how strategic and important role of product marketing really is.

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