Daniel Kuperman for Product Marketing Community

February 03, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Daniel Kuperman, Atlassian

Beyond new logo acquisition, how do you measure product marketing's contribution to customer renewal and expansion?

Daniel Kuperman: When it comes to measuring product marketing contribution, it depends on the business. But in general, for B two B technology organizations, you're gonna be looking at a combination of marketing funnel metrics such as marketing Qualified leads, sales Qualified leads, conversion rates, sales funnel metrics such as opportunities created pipeline generated win loss ratios, customer satisfaction metrics such as customer turn and NPS scores and engagement metrics such as monthly active users, and also specific product engagement metrics.

What metrics should you use to evaluate and improve product marketing's performance?

Daniel Kuperman: for product marketing performance, although it depends on the particulars of how product marketing is positioned in your organization. You will want to look at a few indicators in broad terms. Those are probably gonna be marketing contribution to pipeline, which shows if the messaging and the content you're creating have resonated with your prospective customers win loss ratio and competitive win ratios, which will let you know if the sales team has been successful in articulating your value page and also winning against competitors and something related to customer churn and expansion, to let you know if the right customers are buying the product and if you're getting the value promised. Now, I think what is important to keep in mind is to avoid focusing too much on measuring output, such as how many pieces of content you've created, how many web banners are being created and conducted and instead focus on outcome based metrics, which means something that's going to allow you to measure the results of the work that you've been doing in product marketing.

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