November 17, 2020

Product Marketing leaders on Build: how to manage, and measure the product marketing function.

Video Transcript

Speakers: Abdul Rastagar, Head of Healthcare Marketing, Talkdesk. Meghan Keaney Anderson, VP Marketing, Hubspot. Megan Heuer, Co-editor & Content Chief, PMC & Principal, HeuerB2B

Megan Heuer: When it comes to proving success of the product marketing team. Whatever you do, don't claim victory on a volume of activity or boxes checked on a launch plan. Product teams really have to have a very clear link back to the work they do and the business goals of the company to show how their efforts actually contributed to attaining those important goals.

Meghan Keaney Anderson: Well, let's start with Build. The product marking leader must manage and measure the product marketing function. The PMM leader shapes the direction, ensures proper resourcing and aligns their budget requirements to corporate objectives and the chief marketing officers goals.

Abdul Rastagar: Sometimes maybe the goal is to increase the customers lifetime value, in which case you want to look at. How do you increase the number of products that are adopted that could be one metric or the ACV per product, or maybe reducing churn. All of those will impact that specific metric of increasing customer lifetime value.

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