Data Cloud Summit '22

March 17, 2022

Google Data Cloud Summit 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Pedro Arellano, Director, Product Management Google Cloud

What is Data Cloud Summit?

Pedro Arellano: Hello everyone. My name is Pedro Arellano and I'm here to invite you to Google's upcoming Data Cloud Summit. The Data Cloud Summit is a global event that we designed just for you to learn all about our unified Data Cloud offerings that includes databases, data analytics, Looker and AI. And in this summit you're going to have the opportunity to connect with other data leaders and data professionals. They're also looking to transform their businesses using simple, open and intelligent data technologies.

What can we expect to hear about during your session?

Pedro Arellano: Now, as part of the Data Cloud Summit, I'm going to be delivering the spotlight session where I'm going to cover the product roadmap for our Cloud BI offerings. And in this session you're going to learn all about our investments in BI, and I'm gonna give you the most up to date information on all of our upcoming roadmap features.

What excites you most about the latest trends or product innovations in the world of BI?

Pedro Arellano: The BI space is an exciting place to be in. The landscape of BI is always changing There's always new things happening. It's never boring. There's just so much interesting work going on in the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning to just completely transform the way that people interact with data. We're so excited about all the projects that we're doing, integrating with the great Google research happening all around us. But the thing that just really, really matters to us is how inspired we are by the work that you're doing and all the great data applications that you're building and how you're using our products to support your BI and analytics needs surfacing insights when and where you need, you need them. That's always very important to us.

What can you do next?

Pedro Arellano: So I really hope that you can join us at the Data Cloud Summit and I look forward to seeing you at my session. So register today!

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