Meena Vishnampet for CCAI at CCW

June 17, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Meena vishnampet, CCAI Lead, Google

Who are you?

Meena vishnampet: Yeah. Hello everybody. Meena Vishnampet I'm a transformation lead with the AI Practice focused on fueling our customers business transformations via the power of Google AI.

Why are you excited about Customer Contact Week?

Meena vishnampet: Many of us from Google Cloud are going to be at Customer Contact Week and we are equally honored to be a sponsor of the CC Women's Summit. CCW brings together a community of influential and inspirational thought leaders, orchestrating the future of the Contact Central and CX landscape. We are very excited to be there to meet our customers and partners as well as build new relationships. If you are interested in learning more about how Google Cloud's conversational AI can reimagine customer experience as well as fuel contact center transformations, meet us at customer contact week. Looking forward to some memorable conversations as we translate intent to action. See you all there.

What is your key message to customers about CCAI Platform during the confernce?

Meena vishnampet: Good Cloud Contact Center AI platform delivers an into into modern and mobile first experience optimized for the smartphone era. This is done by enhancing and elevating the current Contact Center AI capabilities by extending it with the Contact Center as a Service platform. Sounds interesting? Come and find us at CCW.

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