Google Data Cloud Summit '22

March 17, 2022

Google Data Cloud Summit 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Matt Ryan, Product Marketing Manager at Google Cloud

What is Data Cloud Summit?

Matt Ryan: Cloud Data Cloud Summit is Google Cloud's annual conference for data professionals along every step of the data lifecycle journey from compute to storage to data analytics and finally getting insights and data into the hands of users to improve decision making with business intelligence solutions. Looker and Data Studio, no matter your role and data, Data Cloud Summit has content for you.

What's most exciting about the latest trends or product innovations?

Matt Ryan: The roadmap sessions are always my favorite, as you gain insights to the near and longer term vision of Google Cloud's data thought leaders.

What can you do next?

Matt Ryan: The only thing left for you to do Is to register in the link in this post and we'll see you on April 6th.

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