Data Cloud Summit '22

March 17, 2022

Data Cloud Summit '22

Video Transcript

Speaker: Maire Newton, Product Manager at Google Cloud

What is Data Cloud Summit?

Maire Newton: Data Cloud Summit is a digital event on April 6th, where you'll hear from technology leaders, learn about new and upcoming features launching across Google's data and analytics product portfolio. And, even see product demos that highlights some of the amazing things that you can do with your data.

What can we expect to hear about?

Maire Newton: In my session on cross cloud analytics and visualization with BigQuery, Omni and Looker, you'll see how you can bring data together from different clouds, combine key datasets using Cloud's new cross cloud transfer service and then model that data using LookML in Looker to find new insights and opportunities.

What's most exciting about the latest trends or product innovations?

Maire Newton: I think I'm most excited about the latest integrations between Looker and Google Cloud. New Looker operators in Cloud Composer help scale Looker persistent drive tables, putting robust data transformation capability into the hands of modelers and analysts. And Connected Sheets for Looker enables all types of users to access fresh governed data, all from the comfort of a spreadsheet interface. As someone who loves Looker, I'm really excited about the power and scalability that these types of integrations bring to the product.

What can you do next?

Maire Newton: I hope you'll register and if you'd like to see Looker and BigQuery Omni in action, make sure to check out my session on cross cloud analytics and visualization.

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