Caroline Yap for Enterprise Connect

March 18, 2022

Video Transcript

Speaker: Caroline Yap, Director, AI Practice

Please introduce yourself and tell us your role in Google Cloud AI

Caroline Yap: Hello, my name is Caroline and I'm the Director of the AI Practice here at Google Cloud AI.

What excites you most about participating in Enterprise Connect?

Caroline Yap: To me, Enterprise Connect is where we all gather to try to solve for two things: how customers can interact with our brands and have the best experiences, and second, how we can ensure that the agents who make those customer experiences better, can use the right tools at the right time towards that goal.

What is your key message for corporate IT decision makers at Enterprise Connect?

Caroline Yap: Contact centers are conversational hubs which have evolved over time, especially with so many lines of communication open to customers to be able to interact with their providers. We will be discussing these on Sheila McGee-Smith's panel on who should be making contact center decisions in 2022, whether it should be IT, Customer Service or Marketing and I think it'll be a very insightful panel and I hope that you will join us.

Why should attendees visit the Google Cloud booth at the event?

Caroline Yap: We at Google Cloud believe that artificial intelligence can make your contact centers provide better customer experiences. Please come by our booth so we can discuss these together with you.

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