Google Cloud CCAI at CCW

June 17, 2022

Video Transcript

Who are you?

Hi, I'm Niaz Tadayyon, Conversational AI technical lead in North America Technology team from Google Cloud.

Why are you excited about Customer Contact Week?

I'm looking forward to attending customary contact week or CCW event happening in las Vegas next week. The reason I'm excited is to meet experts and influencer of customer contact community. Also, many of our customers are attending, which is a great opportunity for networking and meeting them face to face after such a long time. On top of that. I believe there is nothing like being in an event or in a room of like minded people to learn something new, Bring a story, get inspired and have fun. I will be there with few of my colleagues to discuss and talk about our solutions, platform and products and basically the latest and greatest of Google Cloud conversational AI capabilities with our customers and you see you there.

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