Data Cloud Summit '22

March 30, 2022

Hear why Bruno Aziza, head of data analytics at Google Cloud is excited for Data Cloud Summit.

Video Transcript

Speaker: Bruno Aziza, Head of Data Analytics, Google Cloud

What is Data Cloud Summit?

Bruno Aziza: The Data Cloud Summit is the event you want to be part of if you're interested in innovating with data ai and analytics, it's on april 6th, it's free and it's hosted online, which means you don't have to go anywhere. You can watch it at your own leisure, you can watch it on your own pace at your own space, maybe even from your car as long as you're parked safely, of course. So go on register today because once you're registered, even if you can't attend it live, you'll have access to the recordings after the event. So pause this video, don't stop watching. Just pause it and go ahead and register today.

What can we expect to hear about data analytics at the Data Cloud Summit?

Bruno Aziza: we've created the data cloud summit to be a platform for you to engage perhaps more importantly, to learn from each other. So I really hope you're going to love the sessions we've put together for you. You'll hear from in Ignacio the C I O of Vodafone. This is europe's largest mobile communications company and how they innovated by creating compelling customer experiences using data, product, big query and vertex A. You'll also hear about Wayfair and how they created more personalized experiences and better customer service using data. And then Walmart, their senior director of engineering bob can come in and talk about the company's digital transformation journey using Spanner. You'll also hear from ING. G's group. Global Chief analytics officer kim in a session with one of our partners, Deloitte on how the company went about choosing the right data cloud to power their data analytics and AI innovation and use cases like I said, this is a moment for you the community, so take everything you can from it.

What else are you excited for and what can viewers do next?

Bruno Aziza: There is so much to be excited about beyond our customers and our partner sessions. You will absolutely love the demos that we've prepared for you and of course all the new products announcements that were preparing the new programs and the new initiatives that will be introducing. But this is your moment, your opportunity to engage with presenters with us. And more importantly, let us know how we're doing. We want to be the best partner for your modernization and your digitalization with data, so enjoy the event and don't hesitate to reach out. I will see you there.

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